Membership Benefits



As a member of Responsible Care® New Zealand (RCNZ), you contribute to a dynamic and proactive industry association:

RCNZ is recognised by government and industry as a trusted source of timely and credible technical advice about compliance with workplace health and safety and environmental protection, particularly the safe management of chemicals, including hazardous substances and dangerous goods.

RCNZ ensures members’ interests are reflected in the development and implementation of safety, health and environmental (SH&E) protection policies, regulations, performance standards, and compliance options.

RCNZ provides industry and the public with unique and cost-effective SH&E ‘compliance tools’ including:


Our 24/7 Emergency Response Advisory Service satisfies your legal obligation to have an emergency phone number with the substance.   CHEMCALL® enables subscribers to successfully manage incidents involving hazardous substances and dangerous goods.


Our foolproof HSNO software ensures compliance is as simple as you always hoped it would be.  

►PRINCE® Accreditation

Our experts identify your compliance requirements and ensure your site complies with SH&E protection regulations (including HSNO) and Best Practice.   PRINCE® provides your ‘road map’ to demonstrating compliance.

►National Performance Standards (HSNO Approved Codes of Practice)

These are required to successfully implement the Hazardous Substances Regulations.


We deliver training tailored to meet your specific operational and HSNO compliance requirements, which also facilitates valuable networking opportunities for suppliers, contractors, and customers.
Responsible Care® NZ adds value to your business by encouraging and enabling compliance with often confusing regulations through the international Responsible Care® SH&E protection initiative.   Talk to us today to confirm how our products and services can help you safeguard staff and customers, while recognising excellence.

16/05/2012 10:37 a.m.
Andreas Vassiliadis
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