CHEMCALL 24/7 Emergency Response Service

CHEMCALL® is a 24-hour, 365 day Emergency Response Service.

Operated by Responsible Care New Zealand (RCNZ) and funded by industry subscribers. CHEMCALL® is available at no charge to schools and the emergency services.

The CHEMCALL® service is provided as part of the international chemical industry's safety, health and environmental (SH&E) protection programme, Responsible Care®.

CHEMCALL® is also accessible in Australia and internationally using dedicated phone numbers. 0800 CHEMCALL® is an essential part of every employer’s contingency plan.


A Safety Net for Working with Hazardous Substances and Dangerous goods

Businesses manufacturing, storing, importing, transporting or disposing of hazardous substances and Dangerous are legally required to protect their employees, the community and the environment.
This obligation requires a quick and effective response when an incident or spill occurs.

CHEMCALL® is the perfect solution to help you meet your mandatory emergency response requirements.

CHEMCALL® Is a national resource offering instant access to fast and accurate technical advice from local industry experts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
We recommend you promote "0800 CHEMCALL®" on product labels, safety data sheets, Transport documents, telephone directories and after-hours answer services.


CHEMCALL®   provides 24/7 access to expert advice on containing and successfully managing the chemical based incident:

  • Access to technical information including Safety Data Sheets (SDS), timely accurate advice about correct protective clothing and procedures to be followed.
  • Liaison with emergency services (police, fire, ambulance), local authorities and medical services.
  • Quick action to minimise the potential risk and effects posed by hazardous substances to the local community and the environment.
  • Cleanup procedural advice and access to qualified cleanup and disposal operators.  
  • Access to national and international chemical databases and resources, the National Poisons Centre plus the combined knowledge and expertise of the international chemical industry.
  • A detailed record of how the incident was managed.
  • The time to subscribe is now! Call (+64) 4 499 4311 to become a CHEMCALL® subscriber and ensure access to the experts when you need them most.

Related RCNZ Services

A product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a vital resource in successfully managing any chemical emergency. It is imperative the SDS is compliant with the HSNO legisation. 
Unfortunately, many SDS do not yet comply with the international format and content criteria  required by Australia and New Zealand.  A non compliant SDS can seriously hamper the management of a chemical emergency involving your products.
The RCNZ will check your SDS before entering them in our database. If you lack the ability to ensure your imported SDS is compliant, we can arrange for your SDS to be professionally updated, converted to electronic form and produced as a CD ROM which you can then offer your customers
CHEMCALL® provides peace of mind by relieving you and your employees of an onerous after hours commitment. In the event of an emergency the CHEMCALL®  coordinator will manage the incident efficiently on your behalf.
Please Call our Technical Manager + 644 499 4311 for an obligation free quote.

RCNZ  membership

RCNZ membership provides reduced rates for CHEMCALL® and many other benefits:

Free technical advice

Substantial discounts on training, products and services, including our unique PRINCE© accreditation scheme 
Industry networking opportunities 
Onsite education and training opportunities

Call (+64) 4 499 4311 to discuss how RCNZ membership will enhance your business.


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