PRINCE® Site Assessment and Accreditation

Are you successfully meeting and exceeding national SH&E performance standards?
Can you prove it? Have you been recognised and rewarded for your efforts?

Resonsible Care New Zealands'  unique PRINCE® accreditation scheme confirms site operations are compliant, ensuring you are receiving maximum value for your’ SH&E budget. The scheme recognizes excellence and will help distinguish you from your competition.


When you sign up for the PRINCE® site compliance accreditation programme, it demonstrates you take your SH&E responsibilities seriously by accepting you must protect your employees, your local community and the environment from harm. PRINCE® accreditation proves your business is a conscientious corporate citizen - one people can be confident in doing business with.

By completing a comprehensive SH&E checklist employers can assess the extent to which they comply with New Zealands’ mandatory workplace health & safety regulations and environmental protection requirements.

Check your business into the PRINCE® accreditation programme today - and obtain independent confirmation that your business is compliant.

A SIGNAL  to industry regulators and the community 

Every employer understands the importance of maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. But how do customers, regulators and the public know who is doing so?
Your PRINCE® accreditation is an excellent, cost effective demonstration to employees, regulators, enforcement agencies, the community and potential business partners that your site operations meet or exceed national and internationally accepted SH&E performance. Prince® proves you are serious!

A SOUND investment 

A PRINCE® site assessment has many benefits:
• Recognition: Certification confirms your operations meet or exceed the compliance and performance expectations of employees, regulators and the community.
• Proof: Independent verification your business meets all local, regional and national SH&E regulations and consent requirements.
• Efficiency: Use your detailed PRINCE® report to improve your business performance and achieve savings.
• Status: Send the message that your business meets and exceeds world class SH&E performance standards.
• Protection against litigation: PRINCE® accreditation includes an assessment of your compliance with ‘Approved HSNO Codes of Practice’ and proves you routinely recognise hazards and take every practical precaution to eliminate or minimize potential problems.
• Commitment: Help us demonstrate that industry is able to police itself to a high standard, thereby avoiding further expensive regulation and intervention.
PRINCE® is a unique industry benchmark for assessing and recognizing your commitment to compliance and best practice.
An RCNZ PRINCE® accreditation helps differentiate your operations from the competition, enhancing your business opportunities while protecting people and our precious environment.

TWO designations 

Your business can achieve two levels of recognition:
1. PRINCE®: recognises your company complies with SH&E protection legislation, and best practice.
2. PRINCE® GOLD: Confirms your company's commitment to superior SH&E performance through successful product stewardship initiatives and innovative 'customer care' schemes.


THE process 


PRINCE® assessments are undertaken by highly qualified and experienced assessors. Assessments include your management system, interviews with staff, customers, contractors and local regulators.  Each site receives a PRINCE® accreditation valid for between one to three years, determined by the level of risk associated with your operations.
If your operations don't meet the required Prince® performance standards, our comprehensive report identifies remedial action required and recommends solutions. Our expert advisors continue to assist you achieve certification.



Many employers believe certification to either the ISO 9000 series or ISO 14001 series, proves compliance with SH&E regulations. This is incorrect.
Responsible Care® reflects New Zealand legislation and international best practice. The Responsible Care® Management System incorporates national performance standards in the form of ‘Approved Codes of Practice’ which define compliance.
Prince® accreditation can incorporate ISO certification but goes much further, namely a comprehensive assessment of your legal and moral obligations as a "good employer".
PRINCE® is both a management system and a performance assessment.


JOIN the leaders  

Responsible Care® is recognised in 53 countries worldwide and has the enthusiastic support of not just chemical suppliers, but by everyone who wishes to safely manage Chemicals in the workplace.
Responsible Care® is applicable to every business, particularly smaller, less well resourced operations which don’t have the expertise or experience to ensure compliance with SH&E protection legislation.
Prince® can provide the cost effective answer.

  • Agri-chemical manufacturers and suppliers
  • Ammunition manufacturers
  • Chemical fume extraction suppliers
  • Chemical manufacturers, importers and suppliers
  • Chemical storage terminals
  • Construction and engineering companies
  • Contract manufacturers
  • Crown health enterprises
  • Crown research and consultancy institutes
  • Energy explorers and producers
  • Environmental consultancies
  • Health and home-care suppliers
  • Laboratory chemical suppliers
  • Legal practices
  • Local authorities
  • Paint, printing inks, dyes and pigment manufacturers and suppliers
  • Patent attorneys
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers
  • PPE suppliers
  • Printing companies
  • Pulp and paper manufacturers
  • Research and laboratory services
  • Resins and plastic manufacturers
  • Rural retail co-operatives
  • Signage manufacturers
  • Transport companies
  • Training organisations
  • Waste treatment companies


FUTURE developments  


Be assured PRINCE® is constantly reviewed to ensure it remains New Zealand’s most comprehensive compliance tool.

HOW does it work?  

• You complete and return the PRINCE® application form together with the appropriate registration fee.
• Our Technical Manager will contact you to discuss the process.
• When you register your site(s), you receive a Prince® checklist to complete and return for analysis.
• We then submit our quote for one or more sites and confirm suitable dates.
• The assessors provide the chief executive with a comprehensive report, focusing on recommended remedial actions.
• Each site deemed to be compliant is awarded with:
PRINCE® or PRINCE® GOLD accreditation, valid for one to three years and normally presented by the Minister for Labour at an appropriate ceremony.


Responsible Care New Zealand membership   


Every employer can obtain a PRINCE® audit and accreditation, however RCNZ members enjoy special advantages including:
• Free technical and compliance advice;
• Generous discounts on RCNZ products and services including PRINCE® assessments and customized on site training
• Training and education tailored to your needs;
Please call (+64) 4 499 4311 to discuss how RCNZ membership can help you and your business to succeed.




PRINCE® accreditation is your ‘Corporate’ badge confirming excellence in SH&E performance. It confirms you are taking all practicable steps to protect your employees, the community and the environment from harm. Enrol in the PRINCE® accreditation programme today and start sending the right message to your customers.

Yes, I wish to learn more about the PRINCE® accreditation scheme and how it will assist me to add value to my operation.

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