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Terms and Privacy Statement



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This site has been designed to suit all major web browsers. If you are having trouble seeing certain areas, or if things look somewhat strange, please look at the tips below.

New content (Clearing browsers Cache) 

A common complaint of viewers and clients of many websites is that they are unable to view fresh content when it has actually been made available by the webmasters.

Web browsers actually cache (store) some page of websites to quicken the time it takes for the viewer to view a site's content. As a result, minor changes could be made to a site without the browser actually connecting to the site itself, thus giving the illusion that the viewer is seeing up-to-date content.

In order to ensure you are connecting to the desired site, click 'refresh' (Internet Explorer) or 'reload' (Netscape) this will connect your browser to the site proper.

If you still believe you should be viewing new or updated content of a page but are unable to do so please contact the team at RCNZ.

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