RCNZ accolades

Since our establishment in 1985, the RCNZ:

Manages and promotes the international safety, health and environment (SH&E) protection system, Responsible Care™, in New Zealand

Provides technical advice and expertise to assist government to encourage continuous improvement in national SH&E performance

Works closely with the Ministry for the Environment and the Environmental Risk Management Authority NZ to facilitate the understanding and compliance with the hazardous substances control legislation

Produces national SH&E performance standards and codes of practice integral to successfully implementing New Zealand's strict SH&E protection legislation

Introduced and operates CHEMCALL® - a 24-hour emergency response service designed to help subscribers safely manage incidents involving hazardous substances. NB: This service is provided free to the emergency services and to schools

Implemented the PRINCE© accreditation scheme which assesses SH&E performance and rewards superior performance

Continues to foster the debate about improving SH&E performance.

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