Why you need Responsible CareĀ®

New Zealand has possibly the most stringent safety, health and environmental (SH&E) protection legislation in the world.

The penalties for failing to comply include imprisonment and heavy fines.

Employers are directly responsible for the safety of their employees and the public, as well as minimising any adverse impact on the environment. However, many managers have neither the time nor the resources to interpret the law and identify where their operation may be at risk.

Responsible Care®is a comprehensive quality management programme developed and written by New Zealand industry specialists which will assist employers to meet their moral and legal obligations under present and pending legislation.

The Responsible Care Manager’s Handbook® is a practical step by step guide which is designed to help managers interpret the law, identify the risk and develop sensible policies and procedures to effectively manage SH&E protection issues. Price on application

Members have the opportunity to participate in the debate over issues which could affect the industry.

The annual membership subscription (which varies between $600 and $10,000) should be measured against the cost of:

  • Production and time lost through accidents and injuries;
  • Penalties imposed for non-compliance with SH&E regulations;
  • Managers being distracted from their primary role;
  • The cost of cleaning up and rehabilitating the site;
  • Any subsequent litigation;
  • Higher ACC levies and insurance premiums;
  • Adverse publicity;
  • Damage to the company’s reputation and standing with employees, customers and the general public.
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